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I am Professor emeritus of Linguistics at Tilburg University, The Netherlands 

My new residence is near Arezzo in Tuscany. Here I work as a free-lance linguist and am actively involved in various kinds of research, various editorial projects, and in hosting small conferences and workshops in the Annesso Cartesiano, which is attached to our house.

Some of my current projects include:

·         Editing, together with Martin Everaert, a second revised, updated and expanded edition of the Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Syntax.

·         Supervising and stimulating the creation of other Wiley Companions to Linguistics (Phonology, Semantics, Language Acquisition, …), also together with Martin Everaert 

·         Setting up a series of large scientific grammars of various languages together with István Kenesei. See below for the current state of affairs of the Syntax of Dutch.[1]

·         Thinking about a monograph in which I would like to propose a new system for the representation of syntactic structures  in view of the forces of attraction (cohesion) and repulsion that are seen as the core determinants in such a system.

All of these things would be tedious, if it were not for the fact that I have the love and support of my wife Elisabeth Kriechbaum and the incomparable pleasure of being able to enjoy life, food, wine, music in the Tuscan landscape and ambiance.

In order to contact me, please refer to this page.

[1] The third volume of  Syntax of Dutch, Adjectives and Adjective Phrases is now also available as free Open Access publication from Oapen.org. For more information on how to obtain a hard copy, see the AUP-website or the order form (pdf). If you order a hard copy directly from  Hans Broekhuis, you will get a 10% discount, but note that itis also possible to subscribe to the complete series at a 14% discount (consult the AUP-website). Check Hans Broekhuis’ LinkedIn profile for regular updates on the project; no less than four more volumes will follow in 2013-5. This work appears in the AUP-series Comprehensive Grammar Resources, edited by István Kenesei and myself.


Last modified: July 9, 2013